Chuck Norris is a real human that lives in the "United" States on "Earth."

A FakeEdit


Yes, the guy you call unstoppable, the guy you said that no one can beat, yes, Chuck Norris. The bloody faker acts in movies, yes he does, and that's the only thing he actually works in. He doesn't know how to fight, he doesn't know war, he doesn't know bloodshed. The thing that keeps this man alive and sleeping at night is the people who actually believed he was better than Bruce Lee. As you can obviously see, this "unbeatable" guy was beaten with some ease by Bruce Lee, who is the man who earned his respect from his hard work and dedication to the training he had to overcome to reach his maximum limits and beyond. This man, he's just a wet match, in a dark cave. He makes phone operators seem strong. The 73 years he has lived, have been lies, all lies. In the Bible, it says that people can get what they want when they work for it. This man did not work. He was given everything he has now. He was given the food on the table by his wife..he was given LIFE by God, so he could live the 73 years he has liven now. But actually, he did not forward anything back. This man is a fake, now you see, the true faker locked up on a leash.

The TruthEdit

Chuck Norris is simply just an actor. He isn't a martial artist like what Wikipedia says about him. He has done nothing. People that work actually mean something, but this man, he is, just simply, stupid and ridiculous.