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"What if we could breathe in space, but the government just didn't want us to escape?"

Like most people, you probably know some Facts™ about Space. Sorry to burst your bubble, but all those facts are lies. The Truth, like always - is more true. If you know more of The Truth about space, feel free to edit this page.

Creation Edit

You may know that the first man made object was put into space in 1942, you probably don't know that space was only created in 1940 in a quick rush so that the public wouldn't know the truth, they then attempted to cover it up by launching a large "space program". In reality, they knew exactly what space was, a network of mirrors that allowed the government access to our thoughts.

Neil Armstrong worked for the government - which means he is covering something up. We don't know what this is, but perhaps you do. If you know the truth, please share it with the members of this website, before you get found by the government and removed from life (they'll kill you).

Their are no aliens in outer space, the government uses them as an excuse for crop circles, whilst denying that they exist.

Moonbases Edit

What you don't know is that different countries have bases on the moon, it's really cool. Each country is trying to blow up other countries' moonbases, but without alerting their citizen's. Recently the US blew up part of Russia's moonbase, by sending a cow into space, now Russia is mad - and America is expecting them to send sheep, or something - in order to destroy their moonbase.