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Uncyclopedia is a website dedicated to telling you lies. They claim it's the truth but all of their content is really lies.

"Founding" Edit

Due to the Facts™ that Uncyclopedia was founded to parody Wikipedia, and that Wikipedia is actually a secret government organization, it gets hazy as to why exactly the site was created. They were supposedly founded in 2005 by John Huang and a mysterious person going by the username Stillwaters. There are thousands upon thousands of "users" that are at their disposal. These users are not actually real people at all, they are instead robots specifically designed to counteract Wikipedia attacks. Many have inferred that there has been Uncyclopedia troops for decades and that they were a secret fail-safe against Wikipedia. Today, Uncyclopedia, now a part of Wikia, has over 25,000 articles; all chock-full of lies, and they claim each and every one is The Truth. Obviously, these cannot be the truth as we are a different site, and the only site that offers The Truth. Unfortunately for you, it's in invisible ink.

The Truth Edit

They will tell you lies, but you know it's not The Truth, because you heard it here, from people you trust. Their lies are killing innocent rabbits' lives, by spreading untruths such as "bunnies are all vampires and must be killed mercilessly with a large, sharp knife." So stay away from their website, and you may just lead a Truthful life.